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About Us

"Our reputation for quality automotive servicing has been built through years of first class repairs. Our team always strive to go above and beyond for our customers."

For over 20 years Prorepair Auto Care Centre has set the standard for vehicle servicing in the industry. Owned and operated by Steve, who was joined by his wife Menka in 2016, Prorepair Auto Care Centre delivers premium quality repairs for all makes and models, specialising in European vehicles.

Our workshop at Prorepair is equipped with the latest in repair and fault diagnosis equipment, with all staff keeping up to date with the latest training and industry techniques. To find out more about our services, or to book in for repair, contact us.

A-Grade Automotive Network

Prorepair Auto Care's workshops are members of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce's A-Grade Automotive Network, a group of elite auto repairers throughout Victoria dedicated to providing you a better quality experience across all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Workshops bearing the A-Grade logo represent the highest of standards in auto care, and work hard to maintain it; they are contractually bound to meet certain expectations of customer service, training and equipment, receiving regular audits from the VACC.

We at Prorepair, along with hundreds of other A-Grade repairers, are committed to raising standards for the automotive industry.

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