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Beating the heat: your ultimate guide to pre-summer vehicle air conditioning maintenance

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for the sweltering days ahead. A well-functioning air conditioning system is a must to keep you comfortable during summer. To ensure your car’s AC system is up to the task, follow our comprehensive checklist of tasks and tips for pre-summer vehicle air con maintenance.

1. Inspect the AC system for leaks

Start by checking for any visible signs of refrigerant leaks. Leaks can diminish your AC’s cooling efficiency and, if left unaddressed, can lead to more significant issues. If you suspect a leak, it’s essential to have it repaired by a vehicle air conditioning professional.

2. Check refrigerant levels

Proper refrigerant levels are crucial for your AC’s performance. If you notice that your AC isn’t cooling as effectively as it used to, low refrigerant might be the issue. Have a certified technician check and, if necessary, top up your system with the correct refrigerant.

3. Clean or replace AC filters

Dirty or clogged air conditioning filters can reduce airflow and make your AC system work harder. Regularly clean or replace these filters to maintain optimal performance. It’s a simple task that can significantly impact your comfort on hot summer days.

4. Check the compressor and fan

Your AC system’s compressor and fan play a crucial role in cooling your vehicle. Ensure they are working correctly and aren’t making unusual noises. Any irregularities should be addressed promptly.

5. Test for strange odours

Bad odours coming from your air con vents can be a sign of mould or bacteria growth within the system. Have it cleaned and disinfected to maintain a fresh and healthy environment.

6. Keep the cabin clean

Regularly clean the interior of your vehicle, including the upholstery and carpets, to minimise dust and debris that can accumulate and affect your AC system’s performance.

7. Test the blower motor

The blower motor is responsible for distributing cool air into your car’s interior. Ensure it is functioning correctly and adjust it to your preferred settings.

8. Schedule regular maintenance

Regular professional maintenance is key to keeping your AC system in top shape. A technician can identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring your comfort during the summer.

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