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Choosing A Mechanic – What to Look For

 Going to a mechanic can be expensive and time-consuming so you need to have full faith in the one you choose. Here is some important information to consider.

Know your vehicle

Best get to know your car first. Knowing how your vehicle operates allows you to make informed decisions when shopping around for a mechanic. Not sure, Google it. You don’t have to be an expert but at least you won’t be in the dark.

Motor Vehicle Repair licence

Make sure your mechanic has a motor vehicle repair licence. You can ask over the phone or check on their website. Your mechanic must be a certified repairer or employ a certified repairer to supervise repairs. If they are certified, it tells you that another trusted organisation has checked them over and given its stamp of approval.


Reading online Facebook reviews will give you a good insight to what the mechanic is like, how good they are and touch on their customer service and pricing. 

Test the waters

OK you’ve found a mechanic who might be the one, but before you commit to a hefty bill with a large repair, book in for a small job like a tune-up. You’ll get to see how they perform which will help you determine whether you can trust them with an expensive repair.

Good communication

Your mechanic should be approachable and be able to explain to you in terms that you will understand, not jargon. You’ll also want them to always inform you of any new required work and extra costs.

Presentation and Cleanliness

How much pride does the mechanic take in keeping their workshop tidy? Do they use protectors while servicing your car to ensure no grease or smudges are present? A well organised and workshop is good indication of a mechanic who is professional and has a good work ethic.

You can rest assured our dedicated mechanics at Prorepair Auto Care Centre on Arden Street, North Melbourne tick all the boxes. We’ve earned a reputation for going above and beyond for our valued customers.

Call our friendly staff on 03 9326 5795 and we’d be happy to answer your questions and organise a free quote. 

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