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Need A Roadworthy Certificate? Here’s What You Need To Know

Need a roadworthy certificate? Here’s what you need to know

Have you purchased a used vehicle that requires a roadworthy certificate? A Certificate of Roadworthiness – also known as a roadworthy or RWC – shows that a vehicle is safe enough to be driven on public roads. When is a roadworthy required, how much does it cost and are some vehicles exempt?

When is a roadworthy required?

A roadworthy is required when a vehicle is sold, if it is being re-registered and to clear defect notices. A Certificate of Roadworthiness isn’t a guarantee that a vehicle is reliable; it just shows it is safe enough to be driven.

Does Prorepair Auto Care Centre offer roadworthy certificates?

Yes. Prorepair is a licensed VicRoads vehicle tester. This means that we can expect your vehicle and ensure that it is as safe as possible for road use and perform any repairs that the vehicle may require. We only issue a certificate when a vehicle passes the inspection.

How much does a roadworthy cost?

The cost of getting a roadworthy can depend on the age, type and condition of a vehicle. Make sure you ask for a quote from a Licensed Vehicle Tester.

What happens if a vehicle fails the roadworthy test?

If an item fails to meet the requirements, the vehicle tester will issue a rejection report. You’ll be given 14 days to repair or replace the rejected item/s and have them re-inspected. If more than 14 days goes by, another full inspection will be required. 

How long does a certificate remain current?

A roadworthy is considered ‘current’ and valid for 30 days from the date of issue before you present it at VicRoads (e.g. when you visit VicRoads to transfer or re-register a vehicle). Note: This is not a guarantee that a vehicle with a roadworthy certificate will necessarily continue to remain in a roadworthy condition for 30 days from the date the certificate was issued.

If you are selling your car, make sure you don’t get a roadworthy certificate too early. If your car takes a while to sell, your current certificate will become invalid. This would leave you out of pocket so make sure you get your timing right.

Are some vehicles exempt from a roadworthy?

Yes.You won’t need a Certificate of Roadworthiness if your vehicle is brand new (other than a taxi). A brand new vehicle is a vehicle that has never previously been registered in Victoria or another jurisdiction, and any kilometres on the speedometer are incurred during delivery and sale of the vehicle to the owner prior to initial registration.

Other exempt vehicles include:

The requirement for a Certificate of Roadworthiness does not apply to vehicles that are not designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods on a highway and determined to be a specially constructed vehicle. Follow this link to find out more.

Roadworthy certificates in North Melbourne

At Prorepair, we provide Certificates of Roadworthiness on all makes and models. Our professionally trained mechanics are equipped with the latest diagnostic scanning tools and repair equipment to ensure we can service and repair all vehicles to the highest standard.

Prorepair has two convenient North Melbourne locations – at 95 Arden Street and 109 Munster Terrace. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us or visit our experienced technicians. You can also send us an ">email or phone us on (03) 9326 5795 or (03) 9329 4461.

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